Vacation Plans?

Are you starting to think about a spring or summer vacation? Maybe youve already started saving money for a trip in the fall? You could be dreaming about an extended stay or just a weekend get-a-way with friends and family. While you are planning, so are the people whose occupation relies on your being away from home. Robbers and burglars dont take a vacation but they hope that you do!

As your trip comes closer, make sure your plan includes some of the safety tips below. If your vacation ends up being a staycation and time at home, these are important safety tips for you.

If youre going away on vacation ask a neighbor to check daily for delivery notices or flyers stuck in your front door. Crafty criminals have been known to leave pizza ads in doors to see how long it takes for residents to remove them.

Dont store wood near the side of the house, as it can easily be used by intruders as a stepladder up to a window. Keep logs in the garage or in a pile at the edge of the yard.

If your front entrance contains decorative glass, install your security keypad in a spot thatis not visible from the doorstep. If you can see it from the window, burglars can also tell the red light means the alarm is set

A mail slot goes against the wood grain and weakens the horizontal integrity of a door. This makes it all the more easy to kick in. Install a mailbox or install a metal kick plate and place the slot no higher than a quarter of the way up.

Plant thorny shrubs, such as rosebushes, beneath ground-floor windows. Theyll add beauty to your garden and deter burglars.

Rather than loading up the car the night before a weekend getaway pull it in the garage to load, or pack it while in the garage right before you leave. Left in front of the house, a fully packed car can serve as a green light for those looking for one.

If a yard worker or unknown visitor uses the bathroom, he may unlatch the window so he can gain entry later. The same goes for any workman who has used a porch or side door. Be sure to double-check the lock.

Choose your locksmith wisely. Some are unlicensed so always look for a well-established locksmith business that is bonded and insured.

If you dont have a security system, at least purchase a decal. If you cannot afford a security system, buy an alarm or patrol service decal to place on your front door. While an accomplished thief is not fooled, decals may deter a less-experienced thief from entering.