Farmers Union Service Association (FUSA), Ltd. was incorporated in September 1938 for the purpose of securing and marketing insurance products to Farmers Union members and residents of North Dakota. The association is a wholly owned subsidiary of Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America, North Dakota Division (the parent).

The association is a general insurance agency operating as an exclusive agent for Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Company of ND and Farmers Union Mutual Insurance of Arkansas, and National Farmers Union Property & Casualty Company. Insurance products are also provided through numerous other outside companies.

FUSA is one of North Dakotas largest managing general agencies, writing over $280 million of premium. FUSA operates under the Farmers Union Insurance brand and markets insurance products utilizing a captive, or exclusive, agency force of 116 agents across North Dakota and through over 150 independent agents in Arkansas. The company also provides marketing services for National Farmers Union Insurance in Utah, providing insurance products to over 30 independent agents across the state. FUSA is licensed in 30 states and markets insurance and non-insurance products to Farmers Union members in 27 of the 30 states where it holds licenses.

In North Dakota, Farmers Union Insurance agents are captive independent contractors who contract with FUSA to market insurance products provided by FUSA. North Dakota is divided into four marketing districts in two regions (west and east). There are four district managers and four statewide product managers for crop insurance, financial products, worksite and agribusiness, along with four commercial production underwriters. Utah is a single district with one district manager working with independent agents across the state. In Arkansas, FUSA operates with a Director of Marketing that works with over 150 independent agents. The North Dakota CEO Mark Anderson and Chief Sales, Marketing & Brand Officer Kevin Ressler, Lutcf, API, AIS, AFIS, AINS, also oversee the Utah and Arkansas operations. Agency support includes accounting, marketing and administrative staff.

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Mark Anderson
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