Why should I use a travel agency?

We told you last week about Farmers Union Travel being live and how to get a hold of Val, but some of you might be wondering, why use a travel agent in the first place?

  • Convenience! Travel agents offer a one stop shop for you with all your traveling needs
  • Service. Agents are knowledgeable and active in their industry, so they have the tools necessary to give you the highest quality of service
  • Theyre on top of all the current promotions, and know how travel works. Have you noticed you can look at flights one day, and the next the price is completely different? Travel agents can let you know their estimation on when prices will change, and when to buy!
  • Simplifying research. They can organize your flights, rental cars, cruise accommodations, hotel stays all with YOUR best interests in mind, not the suppliers!
  • They also know added benefits and amenities, such as helping find a specific excursion youre interested in.
  • The best perk? They can help you get problems resolved. If and when something goes wrong, they are your backup and can help provide solutions or alternatives.

So, if youre ready to get started with our Farmers Union Travel agent, call Val to get a quote for your next trip and more at: 701-204-7474 or visit the website at farmersuniontravel.agentstudio.com