Property Insurance: Investment Against Uncertainty

If you own property, it is yours to use as you wish. Your property is yours to enjoy as long as you want within the limits of the law. Ownership also means you bear the cost if it is damaged due to storm, fire, or even burglarized. As such, insurance is a small investment against the relatively small risk of large property damage, loss, or liability. For a moderately small cost, the burden of unlikely insured peril is essentially shifted to the insurance company. Without it, occurrence of loss belongs entirely to the property owner.

For generations, Farmers Union Insurance policyholders have recognized the value of insurance as an investment against uncertainty. The founders of this company banded together to mutually share the risks and uncertainties of property ownership. Thats why policyholders are co-owners of the company, and why there will always be an understanding of the unique perils we face in this community.

For your property insurance needs, we continue to stand with this community in investing against the uncertainties of the future.