Summer Insurance

Its officially becoming summer! While the weather gets nicer and the weekends get busier with family and friends off to the lake and camping, Farmers Union Insurance is here to be sure youre properly insured for the season. Below are a few things to double check with your agent, to get ready for a fun summer!

  • Pool: be sure to let your agent know when/if you decide to build a pool they can help you with the proper coverage needed, as some homeowner policies may not cover pools
  • Trampoline: a trampoline can be a fun but dangerous purchase, so be sure you talk to your agent about how to protect yourself and your family
  • Boat: having fun on the water can be diminished quickly if someone gets hurt on your boat or your boat gets damaged
  • Motorcycle: be sure you have liability coverage, physical damage, and med pay

As always, your agent will have the best information, and you should go to them with any questions or concerns. Have a happy summer!