NFU Member Benefits Newsletter Excerpt: Supplemental Insurance

This blog is from our NFU Member Benefits newsletter, by Kevin Ressler:

Over the past year, Farmers UnionInsurance has enrolled a couple of hundred National Farmers Union membersin SureBridge supplemental insurance products. One such product, the Accident Companion policy, pays a lump-sum cash benefit for accidental injuries, even if benefits are also paid by Workers’ Compensation. The policy is guaranteed issue and benefits are paid directly to you, not your doctors or hospitals. The Accident Companion provides four levels of coverage. We recommend the highest level which, for $28.00 per month (per insured), provides:

  • $1,000 per injury benefit for Emergency Treatment (within72 hours of injury)
  • $1,000 per year for a Major Diagnostic Exam received in a hospital or urgent care center
  • $100 per visit benefit for either Follow-up Treatment or Physical Therapy (up to five visits per policy year)

While these are great benefits, if you are confined to a hospitalas a result of an injury the highest benefit option for theAccident Companion would pay a $10,000 benefit! Accidents happen and the Accident Companion plan can help you financially when they do. Suppose your daughter sustained a head injury while playing high school soccerafter colliding with another student. You take her to the Emergency Room due to concussion symptoms after the game. Following an MRI, the results indicate she sustained asevere concussion and the doctors admit her to the hospitalfor treatment. In this loss example, and at the highest benefit option, the Accident Companion would pay $12,000 in benefits for covered expenses.If you would like more information about this supplemental insurance product, please visit us at, or contact us via email at:

1 This policy has exclusions and limitations and terms under which the policy may be continued in force. For costs and complete details of the
coverage, please contact Farmers Union at

2 Premium for the Accident Companion policy may vary by state.