Do I need special insurance for my home office?

Having a business in your home, or working from home can have some great perks. You’re able to be in your comfort zone while doing the job that pays the bills! But, do you need any special insurance for the home office youve put together?

Sometimes, your office may be underinsured or it could be not insured at all!

If your homeowners insurance does not cover your home office, you have a few options.

  • Endorsements: which are extensions to cover the business if it meets certain requirements
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): this is a commercial policy that does not replace the homeowners policy. If you have people coming to your home office (ex. UPS, clients, etc.), you should consider this option
  • Separate Business Insurance Policies: This is purchasing a business policy completely. You can purchase a general liability policy to protect you and your business from anything that could happen

Be sure to consult with your FUI agent, they will have the requirements and best knowledge on how to keep you and your office/business up and running smoothly!