The Side Effects Of Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving is becoming an issue that we did not have to worry about 20 years ago. Drivers are constantly glued to their phones, even when they are operating a motor vehicle. Being glued to your phone has huge consequences for years upon years. Physical Dangers One of the most known risks is the […]

Home Safety

Make sure furnaces, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, space heaters, and gas appliances are vented properly and inspected annually. Don’t hide a spare key under the doormat or a flowerpot – burglars know the good hiding places. Have your home tested for radon. Keep an updated list of emergency telephone numbers next to every phone in your […]

Farm Safety

Read and follow instructors in equipment operation manuals. Routinely inspect all farm equipment. Discuss safety hazards and emergency procedures with workers. Install rollover protective structures, protective enclosures, or protective framses on farm tractors. Take advantage of safety equipment, such as bypass starter covers, power take-off master shields, and slow-moving vehicle emblems. Be aware that methane […]

Auto Safety

Always buckle your safety belts. Infants and children should always ride in safety seats in the back seat. Infants who are younger than 1 year and weigh less than 20 pounds should be placed in rear facing safety seats. Children between ages 4 and 8 or weigh less than 40 pounds should sit in booster […]