Chimney Fire Prevention

A neglected chimney is a dangerous chimney. The Consumer Product Safety Commission data for 2009 2011 reveal at least 24,300 residential fires related to the fireplace, chimney, or connector that caused at least 20 deaths, 90 injuries, and nearly $116 million in property loss. Most of these fires involve the chimney rather than the fireplace […]

9-Volt Batteries: A Safety Hazard?

Believe it or not, 9-volt batteries can be a safety hazard under certain circumstances. The batteries that power toys, household devices, and (ironically) smoke detectors can be a fire hazard. The problem is the positive and negative metal posts. Any metal object (key, paper clip, coin, steel wool) touching both metal poles at the same […]

Frozen Pipes: Facing a Cold Reality

In the frozen pipes war, the seasonal truce ends as winter begins. A little preparation can keep your house from becoming a casualty in this cold war. Since the dawn of indoor plumbing, the war against frozen pipes has been waged in the depths of winter. Homeowners have maintained two tactical battle fronts; prevention and […]

Gasoline Storage: A volatile Issue

As summer approaches, more and more portable gasoline containers are filled for use with yard equipment. Gasoline powered engines are everywhere, but never forget the volatile, highly explosive qualities of gasoline. Remember, THERE IS NO COMPLETELY SAFE WAY TO STORE GASOLINE, and small mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. Never store gas in non-approved containers. Do […]

Fire Extinguisher Essentials

Types of Extinguishers Knowing about fire extinguishers can save your life or the life of a loved one. Specific extinguishers have been designed for each fire type. However their safe use is limited to the specified fire since the wrong extinguisher likely will not work and may actually be dangerous. For residential use, the ABC […]

Beware of Cons who are Pros

While each spring brings a special beauty, it also brings the arrival of “home repair professionals” who are skilled at scamming homeowners. This is more often a problem when storms cause widespread damage. But these “pros” can be running their cons most anywhere. Using deceptions, high-pressure sales tactics, and time-limited offers, they may offer “free […]

Taking Personal Inventory

Many of us tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. While we can recognize which stuff is ours, it becomes a lot harder when we have to create a listing of our possessions from memory. After a loss, many policyholders struggle to remember a full inventory of the items they own, and […]

Causes of Fire

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates there are 373,900 home structure fires each year. Each year, residential fires claim 2,650 lives and cause 12,890 injuries to civilians, resulting in $7.1 billion in direct damage. Some notable facts: Cooking equipment has been the leading cause for fires (42%), followed by heating equipment (17%), and intentional […]

In Case of Fire: Race

Fires erupt quickly and without warning. No two fires are alike, so no plan can cover all situations. Yet, an overall management strategy and clear priorities can literally make the difference between life and death. Experts suggest the acronym R.A.C.E. as a basis for action. RESCUE: Rescue and/or remove anyone from immediate danger if it […]

Our World of Insurance

At Farmers Union Insurance, we are centered on the communities we serve. Policyholders own the company and elect the Board of Directors. Rates are developed for our local area, and management staff answers to the elected Board of Directors. Rates are affected by our local expenses, claims paid, income, and other factors. Yet, we do […]