Terms to know

The other week at the end of our blog, there were a few terms we wanted to clarify. Liability limits: the most an insurer is obligated to pay to an insured party during a specified period. Med pay: this protects you regardless of who caused the accident. This pays medical expenses for you and any […]

Some common mistakes people make when buying insurance

Rather than using a local insurance agent that has your best interests at heart, sometimes people take their insurance needs into their own hands. Read below for some common mistakes that can be made, and how having a Farmers Union insurance agent in your corner can help you avoid these!   Choosing the wrong types […]

September is life insurance awareness month

New LIMRA research finds more than one-third (35 percent) of all households would feel an adverse financial impact within one month if a primary wage earner died. Facts About Life 2018 The top three reasons Americans give for owning life insurance in 2018*: Cover burial and final expenses (91%) Help replace lost wages/income of a […]

How much automobile liability insurance should I have?

Last week we talked about some of the types of car insurances that are offered, but you may be wondering how much coverage do I need? Simply put, you should never carry the required minimum in your state. Making sure you have enough insurance to cover anything if you are in an accident and sued […]

Automobile Imbecile Chronicles, Vol. 1: Car Wash Wisdom

This will be a recurring series because stories of people being foolish with their automobiles populate the news on a regular basis. You know there are safety concerns that are obvious. Like texting and driving makes you 23 times more likely to crash, so don’t do it. What about not driving your car into a […]

Things you should know when buying auto insurance

While buying auto insurance seems like a no-brainer, knowing what to get is a different story. While your Farmers Union Insurance agent can help talk you through what your options are, having some prior knowledge is always helpful. So, what are some different kinds of car insurance? Liability insurance: Liability insurance is insurance that pays […]

Why get flood insurance?

When buying a home, there are many costs that you may not have even considered. Maybe its fire insurance, paying for propane instead of electric heat, or even your city taxes! All those costs can really add up. Many people think that maybe since they’re on a hill or they aren’t by any rivers or […]

Why should I use a travel agency?

We told you last week about Farmers Union Travel being live and how to get a hold of Val, but some of you might be wondering, why use a travel agent in the first place? Convenience! Travel agents offer a one stop shop for you with all your traveling needs Service. Agents are knowledgeable and […]