Automobile Imbecile Chronicles, Vol. 1: Car Wash Wisdom

insurance companyThis will be a recurring series because stories of people being foolish with their automobiles populate the news on a regular basis. You know there are safety concerns that are obvious. Like texting and driving makes you 23 times more likely to crash, so don’t do it. What about not driving your car into a river? Seems obvious, right?

Out of the types of insurance companies out there, any auto insurance company will tell you that they’ve seen some remarkably ridiculous things happen to peoples’ vehicles. Buckle up and get your car insurance renewed, just in case you go and try this bright idea.

In Chengdu, China, one man was looking tosave money on a car wash. A car wash in the area costs about 20 yuan, or $3. To avoid this cost, he decided he’ddrive his Land Rover into a riverand let the stream do its work. Unfortunately for him, floodgates upstream were opened shortly after, and he had to abandon his submerged vehicle. Not sure what he thought would happen after driving his car into the river, but the result seems fairly predictable.

Frantically calling the police to help get his car back, they questioned him, asking why and how his vehicle got in the river. He said that he didn’t want to spend the 20 yuan on the car wash, so this was his brilliant alternative. Unclear, was why the man driving a vehicle that cost 1 million yuan (a little less than $150,000), felt so inclined to avoid the $3 car wash. But who are we to judge?

We don’t really know what kind of damage his vehicle sustained or whether his insurance company would cover it, but we can surmise the river wasn’t friendly to his Rover. We do, however, think he’ll opt for paying the spare change on the car wash versus driving it into a river next time he wants to clean it.

Automobile insurance horror stories surprised us once upon a time, but now we’ve become desensitized to some of the antics of human beings with their vehicles. Our Land Rover river rider, in trying to save a few bucks on the car wash, probably had to deal with a torrent of other expenses in the wake of his miserly wade. Don’t be like him. After all, it’s called a Land Rover, not a River Rover.