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The Farmers Union Story

Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Company is located in Bryant, Arkansas. Our products are sold through a combination of both captive and independent insurance agents located throughout the state of Arkansas. We believe that our product offerings provide for placement of most risks in the proper categories at competitive rates. Our goal is to work with our agents to provide exceptional and personalized service to our policyholders.

Mark Anderson Portrait

Mark Anderson
Chief Executive Officer

e: mark.anderson@fumic.com
t: 701-952-0122

Mike Rene

Mike Rene
Chief Underwriting Officer

e: mike.rene@fumic.com
t: 701-952-1149

Tania Falk

Tania Falk
Chief Financial Officer

e: tania.falk@fumic.com
t: 701-952-0145

Brad Nold

Brad Nold
Chief Claims Officer

e: brad.nold@fumic.com
t: 701-952-2168

Branden Sorensen

Branden Sorensen
Chief Business Development Officer

e: branden.sorensen@fumic.com
t: 701-952-1402

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson
Chief Technology Officer

e: brett.anderson@fumic.com
t: 701-952-2194

Kristi Carlson

Kristi Carlson
Chief Legal Officer

e: kcarlson@ndfu.org
t: 701-952-1109

Kristi Carlson

Rachel Turner
Operations Manager

e: Rachel.Turner@fumic.com
O: 501-847-1523
M: 501-213-6812